VMD’s mission is to produce strong financial returns by engaging in opportunistic, value-add investments in commercial real estate by acquiring assets well below replacement cost. VMD has demonstrated its vision, market knowledge, problem solving skills, entitlement expertise, construction management experience and financial acumen to generate substantial returns through creative yet prudent financial ingenuity. The word “disciplined” describes VMD as both a buyer and a seller. VMD strives to acquire and develop assets well below replacement cost while minimizing its risk profile throughout the acquisition and operational life cycle. VMD is committed to making sound investment decisions for its investors through:

VMD Companies was formed to serve as an opportunistic investment vehicle with a direct focus on the challenging acquisition process that New England’s high barriers to entry present. Each asset acquired is operated as a Single Purpose Entity (SPE) LLC or LLP with VMD serving as the Special Member or General Partner.


We have deep roots with our sub consultants, with our relationships averaging in excess of 15 years. We are equipped with the most advanced technologies but firmly believe that there is absolutely no substitute for a personalized, hands-on, approach.


VMD Companies actively seeks to acquire income-producing properties, non-performing assets, and opportunistic development sites.

Permitting and Approvals:

VMD Companies actively seeks to acquire income-producing properties, non-performing assets, and opportunistic development sites.


From time to time, VMD disposes of its real estate holdings with a keen focus on timing and market conditions that are most favorable.

To be successful in any market means having strong ties to the brokerage community. Over the years, VMD has focused on building strong relationships with brokers in several markets amongst multiple asset classes.


VMD Companies believes that a strong sense of urgency, transparency, integrity and teamwork is responsible for the unrivaled, high-quality development services that we deliver. We are very much aware of the importance of the employment and tax revenues that our developments and redevelopments bring to local communities. We work closely with local communities and their governments to ensure that our development projects are environmentally friendly as well as sensitive to the needs and concerns of all residents.

Our knowledge of and sensitivity to market infrastructure, trends, and current demographics uniquely position us to ensure that every project we undertake will be successful.

VMD Companies offers turn-key services to its clients. From financial modeling, pre-construction pricing to the ribbon cutting, we have deep experience in managing all facets of the development cycle.

VMD Companies’ extensive knowledge of local and regional markets coupled with the use of today’s analytics enables VMD to procure comprehensive site analyses for our end users. By utilizing the most up-to-date, in-depth demographic data and industry software, we assist our end users in gaining an understanding of current market trends. We go above and beyond to discover and ensure that these market trends are accurate, up-to-date and pertinent in all aspects.